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The climate at Hazira is tropical and may be characterised by annually recurring seasons:

Period Season Characteristics
Mid Jun-Sept SW monsoon Winds mod-strong SW, Occasional cyclones
Oct-Nov Interim period Winds lighter, Occasional cyclones
Dec-Feb NE monsoon Winds light NE, effectively no cyclones
March-Mid June Hot season Winds mod-strong SW, May/June frequent mostly distant cyclones

Wind conditions

The wind velocities presented above are based on statistical information. The prevailing wind direction is 250°


Between 1877 and 1982 [105 years] 8 cyclones hit the region, out of which 6 cyclones were of a severe nature, with wind speeds exceeding 24.2 m/s. This results in an average of one cyclone every 13 to 17 years [only the severe storms are counted].

Air temperature

Information regarding air temperature has been obtained from the nearby Surat airport. A summary of results are provided in the following table:

Month Daily max. [oC] Daily min [oC] Highest in the month [oC] Lowest in the month [oC]
Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb 32 16 36 10
March, April, May 36 24 42 20
June, July, August 32 26 35 24
Sept, October 35 24 38 19
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