Hazira LNG and Port

LNG Terminal- Flexibility

The terminal is designed to receive & process LNG of various compositions. Hazira LNG terminal has received and regasified a wide composition of LNG from various sources around the world. The flexible in design of the terminal enables handling of very high density to low density cargo. The vaporisers in the terminal are also designed for a high turn down ratio as well as for various compositions of LNG which enables operation at various capacities.

LNG Terminal to Catalyse Industrial Growth in India

The Hazira LNG Terminal within Hazira Port plays an integral part in the emerging energy scenario of India, which operates and supplies LNG to a large customer base across different industrial segments. These range from power, fertilizer, ceramic, steel and small and medium industries. The terminal is interconnected with the GAIL pipelines at Mora, enabling gas supply to all of North West India and Maharashtra.

With container traffic relentlessly growing over 14 per cent over the past five years, Hazira Port would add at least 1.2 mTEU capacity container terminal by 2012 and take the burden off ports in Gujarat and Maharashtra which are heading towards near full capacity utilization. Reason: it questions other portís capability.

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