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Tendering Process

Procedure for Competitive Bidding

For the procurement of services and materials, we mainly use the process of competitive tendering. After the internal process of specifying the required services or materials, the tendering process consists of the following stages :-

(a)  Invitation to bid
(b)  Technical Evaluation of bids
(c)  Commercial Evaluation of bids
(d)  Intimation to the successful bidder

Obtaining information about tenders

Tender documents should detail all required information for bidding. It should be submitted in accordance with the process outlined in the 'Instructions to Bidders' section of the tender document.

Bidders are advised to submit their offers in sealed envelopes and submit them at the address mentioned in the bid document.

The envelope must be clearly marked with the following information:

(a)  Tender No.
(b)  Contract Title
(c)  Name of the Bidder


Successful bidders are notified in writing, however all other bidders may check the status of their bid with our Contracts and Procurements department.Hazira LNG retains the right of accepting or rejecting any offer without stating any reasons thereof.

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