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Culture of Safety

Causing “No Harm to People” is a core part of our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policy. Hazira LNG & Port has a systematic approach to Health, Safety, Security and Environment management and manage these matters as critical business activities. This applies to our employees as well as to the wider community and covers health issues from travel and stress and to fitness at work and work-related disease.

The safety of employees, contractors and our neighbours is of paramount importance. Our Group Business Principles include a commitment to provide employees with ‘good and safe working conditions’. We all fundamentally believe that all accidents are preventable and the goal of zero fatalities achievable. To prevent accidents, we manage safety in a systematic way and are introducing simpler and clearer requirements that are easier for people to understand and follow.

We believe that Safety needs to be more than a priority – it must be a value.

We as a company manage all activities in line with our HSE Policy and Commitment. A well-implemented management system is an essential basis for good safety performance, but culture is equally important.

Hazira LNG & Port Clocks 15 Million LTI Free Hours Seven Years of LTI Free Operations

Hazira LNG & Port has clocked more than Fifteen million LTI free exposure hours. This milestone comes with another land mark of Seven years of LTI free operations as of mid July 2012. (Last LTI was recorded at the Terminal on 14th July, 2006). Achieving this required a lot of hard work and completion a number of major efforts in the intervening period.

These efforts were validated by HGC winning Winner and Runner awards from Shell Country Chairman for the year 2007 and 2010 respectively, two successive years’ awards from Gujarat Safety Council and CII Award for western region for 2011.

Hazira LNG & Port looks forward to sustained efforts from its staff and contractors to scale new heights.

Institutionalizing Safety

On 15th July 2012, Hazira LNG and Port (HGC) achieved a significant milestone of clocking seven safe working years without LTI and working for more than fifteen million LTI free exposure hours.

"I congratulate all staff for this achievement and look forward to our sustained efforts to scale new height with a caution that these numerical are very fragile and a constant vigil in all our business processes is required at all levels in our Journey to GOAL ZERO", said Nitin Shukla, MD & CEO, Hazira LNG & Port.

During the journey, a number of HSSE programs were launched and executed by line managers in order to inculcate safe behavior and culture amongst staff and contractors. These included:

  • CEO's Process Safety Champion Awards
  • Deep Dive Campaign
  • Reporting Champion of the month
  • Hearts and Minds initiatives
  • Leadership drive to reinforce the LSR and Golden
  • Rigorous implementation of initiatives of GAS GAME
  • Achieving and sustaining systems like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for Quality and Environment management systems

A number of challenging projects were completed such as:

  • GAIL metering
  • Rerouting of Send out pipeline
  • Construction of sea wall
  • Installation of the third sea water pump
  • Layout of water pipe line from GSEG to Terminal
  • Capacity augmentation jobs

HSE-SP management systems were rigorously audited and tested by internal and external auditors for HSEMS audit, Process safety review, SMBR , GAS GAME individual modules health checks, HRA, high level visits by Shell as well as Total representatives and Statutory authorities.

HGC won various HSSE awards during this period. Internally, it won the Winner and Runners-Up award for the year 2007 and 2010, respectively. Externally, it won Safety awards from Gujarat Safety Council for two consecutive years and also the CII Award for western region for 2011.

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