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Road Safety

The Hazira Group Companies also campaign on road safety to help reduce the number of road accidents on the Surat-Mora-Hazira roadways and to spread awareness. The Hazira Social Performance team has launched a social investment project on road safety, as a partnership between Public- Private- Civil Society. This campaign covers the local community, private vehicle owners and drivers and seeks to sensitize daily commuters to the risks that lead to road accidents and to provide them basic knowledge on staying safe on the roads.

Hazira is a belt of industries having pipe line transported natural gas and other raw materials. HGC has undertaken a series of pipe line safety awareness campaigns jointly with other industries to inculcate the awareness among the nearby villagers and establishments.

The Hazira Group also engages the local community in a variety of ways, including village meetings, familiarization visits, Children’s Fairs, Book Fairs and Cricket tournaments.

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