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Registration Process

How to Prequalify

In the process of identification of Suppliers and Contractors, we wish to develop a database which recognizes companies / organizations that can potentially provide goods and services as and when required. Those Companies interested in being included within this database, must provide the details in the attached Pre-Qualification document(hyperlink to be inserted) and send the same to the following address:

Contracting and Procurement
Hazira LNG Private Limited
Next to Well No. 7, GSPC,
Hazira, Surat

Complete information on filling the pre-qualification document and what is expected from the Suppliers/Contractors can be found in the aforementioned pre-qualification booklet.

Mere submission of pre-qualification documents interest does not guarantee the inclusion of the Supplier or the Contractor in the Companies database. Moreover registration also does not guarantee, the Suppliers/Contractors, of any work.

If you are interested to register with us please write to us at cp@haziralngandport.com

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