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Contracts & Procurement

Hazira Group of Companies has a fair Procurement/Contracting process marked with the highest level of transparency in dealing with Suppliers and Contractors throughout the Procurement cycle. This helps in nurturing competitiveness among the Suppliers and Contractors, invited to participate in this process. It aims to ensure that they meet Hazira Group of Companiesí highest level of requirement towards Health, Safety & Environment, Quality, Availability and timely delivery at optimum cost.

Hazira Group of Companies values its Suppliers and Contractors and is committed to having professional and ethical relationships with them. It also aims to promote supplies and services from local Suppliers and Contractors.

Unconditioned adherence to Hazira Group of Companies' General Business Principle & Shell Code of Conduct (www.shell.com/codeofconduct) are the prerequisite for the registration process.

The pre-qualification of interested Suppliers and Contractors is an essential step in our procurement process. It is the process by which we gather and store information about the potential Suppliers/Contractors.

The pre-qualification activity of a new Suppliers/Contractors starts before the issuance of any tender. Post award and during the supply of the required services and/or goods, the performance of the Suppliers/Contractor is systematically monitored and assessed to ensure the required compliances

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