Hazira LNG and Port


Spread over an area of 46.7 hectares, the terminal has a jetty where LNG cargo is unloaded through cryogenic unloading arms and sent to theLNG tanks for storage via unloading line. Each tank contains In-tank pumps which transfer the LNG to recondenser.

LNG from the recondenser is sent to the cryogenic LNG booster pumps, which pressurise the LNG from 8barg to 110barg. The pressurised LNG is then sent for re-gasification to the LNG vaporisers i.e., ORV (open rack vaporiser) or SCV (submersed combustion vaporiser).

A 13.9 Km, 28 inch pipeline transports this high pressure gas to the Metering Stations (HMMS and Mora) where the custody transfer takes place.

The metering stations are interconnected to GAIL, GSPL and RGTIL pipelines at Mora.

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