Hazira LNG and Port

Port Tariff

Port charges are levied for the use of the Port facilities and the provision of pilotage and tug services as well as berth hire. Port Charges are payable in advance. Following tariff structure is in force for the Hazira (Surat) Port:

For LNG ships:

  • Port Dues: (Payable on each entry into the port) payable to AHPPL
  • Pilotage and Towage Charges: (Payable on each entry into the port) payable to AHPPL
  • Berth Hire Charges for LNG berth: USD 0.047/GRT per 8 hours payable to HPPL

The above tariffs are exclusive of any indirect taxes (including Service Tax). If any Indirect tax (including Service Tax) is leviable or assessed to be levied upon HPPL with respect to the above tariffs, the same shall be charged to the LNG ship in addition to the above tariffs.

For LNG ship Port Dues, LNG Pilotage & Towage charges and all non-LNG related tariffs, please refer www.adanihaziraport.com

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