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Hazira LNG Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shell Gas B.V.

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Royal Dutch Shell (Shell) is a global energy company, operating in over 90 countries and employing more than 100,000 people. Shell produces 2% of the world’s oil and 3% of the world’s gas. Shell produces over 3.1 million barrels of oil equivalent per day, of which 47% is natural gas, and sells 7.5% of the world’s LNG. As a full spectrum oil and gas company, Shell  activities include exploration for oil & natural gas; marketing, transportation and trading of oil & gas; providing oil products for industrial use, including fuel & lubricant for ships & planes; producing petrochemicals used for plastics, coatings & detergents, and developing technology for hydrogen vehicles. Shell is also the world’s largest distributor of bio-fuels.  The world is starting a shift towards a new, low-carbon energy future and Shell is taking steps today to help build the energy system of tomorrow.


Pre-1994: beyond selling petroleum: Set up in 1928, The Burmah-Shell Oil storage and distributing Company of India Limited was a pioneer in more ways than one, and began operations with import and marketing of Kerosene.  It pioneered rural marketing by reaching out to people even in remote villages to ensure supply of kerosene.  With motor cars, came canned petrol, followed by service stations which were built in the 1930s.  On 15th October 1932, when civil aviation arrived in India, the company fueled J.R.D.Tata’s historic solo flight in a single engine de Havilland Puss Moth from Karachi to Bombay (Juhu) via Ahmedabad.  The company introduced LPG as a cooking fuel to the Indian home in mid-1950s and besides merely selling bitumen, the company pioneered desert road construction in India.  In 1955, the company commissioned what was then India’s largest refinery which was the first to process newly found indigenous crude (Bombay High), in the country. On 24th January 1976, the Burmah Shell Group of Companies was taken over by the Government of India.

1994-onwards: return to India: Shell returned to India in 1994 and set up a joint venture company (Bharat Shell Ltd.) to manufacture and distribute high grade engine oil. Since 1994 Shell in India has emerged as the largest and most diversified international investor in India’s energy sector, with investments of over US$1 billion. Today in India, Shell is well ahead of its international competition in terms of investments, geographical spread, customer base, technologies and minds engaged. Shell is the only international oil company to have a fuels retailing license in the country. In addition to being a major private sector supplier of crude, products and chemicals to public/private sector oil companies, Shell interests in India include liquefied natural gas (LNG), lubricants, marine products, bitumen manufacture, technology licensing, software development, a rapidly growing financial services centre and finally an R&D center – a first for India and the third for Shell globally. The services of the R&D centre in Bangalore span upstream exploration and production activities as well as downstream chemical, gas and refinery operations for Shell globally. Shell in India provides access to cutting-edge Indian talent and resources to Shell worldwide through its R&D Center at Bangalore and leverages significant non-technical talent at Chennai through its financial services and shared business services center. The Shell group companies in India all make significant contribution to Sustainable Development, while the global Shell Foundation which is an important vehicle for Shell to reach out and contribute to society, has committed resources across seven programmes and has already spent over US$10 million impacting more than 2 million people


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