Hazira LNG and Port

The Hazira Advantage

In the past Hazira has delivered LNG for direct customers as well as aggregators.

LNG has proved to be a cheaper, clean and efficient replacement to liquid fuels being deployed by many industries for their power requirements. The Hazira model has decisively proved that power costs can be reduced substantially when LNG replaces liquid fuel such as naphtha. Consequently, there has been increased appreciation of the reduction in costs on deployment of LNG replacing any other fuel in the basket.

Hazira has received LNG supplies from all the major LNG producing nations and its Terminal is able to accept LNG ships up to Q Flex sizes.

Having the benefit of two of the world’s major LNG players as partners in the terminal, Hazira LNG can deliver to Indian customers Spot as well as Term deals on favorable terms suiting the Indian market.

Hazira stands poised to serve the needs of India as its economy expands in the years to come.

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