Hazira LNG and Port

General Description - LNG Port

Hazira (Surat) Port pilot will board the LNG carrier well south of General Lighterage Area as a precautionary measure to pass vessels at anchor in the General Lighterage Area with a pilot on board.

Hazira (Surat) Port Control will be listening on VHF Channel 16 and 69. Magdalla Port Control is listening on VHF Channel 16 and 09.

Hazira Port approach and entry

The Hazira (Surat) Port waters are  two miles wide with a dredged approach channel of 1200 meters long. The tugs will be made fast before the ships enter this dredged channel. The channel has been dredged to – 13m CD and is marked by two navigational buoys at the seaward end, two navigational markers on each breakwater end and leading lights, 070-250 degrees. Inside the harbour there is a turning circle with a 300 m radius, also dredged to –13 m CD. The berth pocket has been dredged to – 13m CD. Maneuvering the ships in and out of the port has been extensively tested on simulators. Port entry will be done with three tugs attached. The fourth tug will assist as required. There can be strong tidal cross currents in the dredged channel. Maximum currents allowed are two knots. The pilots will be assisted with a PPU, Personal Pilot Unit.

Hazira (Surat) Port Anchorage

The recommended anchorage is in a location approximately 11 miles SW of the harbour, outside the Magdalla Port Limits, where the sea bottom is sand and is of good holding ground. Anchoring is prohibited within Port Limits, unless the anchor is used temporarily to support vessel maneuvering or in case of an emergency. An alternative anchorage is located just outside of the Hazira port limits in the Sutherland Channel Tanker Anchorage where the water depth is more than 20 meters and the sea bottom is sand and is of good holding ground. Spring tidal currents however are very strong and in excess of 4.5 knots. The Magdalla Port controls this anchorage, which lies within the Magdalla Port Limits, and free use of this anchorage must be agreed with Magdalla Port Control.


Vessels visiting the Port must have on board a sufficient range of current Hydrographic Charts relevant to the Area. These charts must be kept up to date with regards to Notices to Mariners and other Notices issued for the area.

Indian Charts 2101 APPROACHES TO HAZIRA and 2034 - HAZIRA PORT (1:10000) are available through the usual sources or on request through the agent.

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