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Facility & Services at LNG Berth

Shore Leave LNG vessels

Shore leave is permitted at the Hazira LNG terminal subject to Custom / Immigration permission through the Agent and Port regulations.

Visitors to the Ship

Persons other than operational staff requiring access to jetties and ships in connection with the discharge of the LNG ship, must obtain permission from the Port Authority to enter the site and secondly have the ship masters approval to board the ship concerned. The request to the Port Authority should be made through the agents after Customs / Immigration permission has been obtained.

With the exception of Government officials (police, customs and immigration), shipís agent and cargo surveyor(s), twenty-four (24) hoursí notice is required for clearance to enter the Port. Visitors should arrange for clearance through the shipís agent.

Persons arriving at the Port without prior notification will not be permitted entry.

On no account must visitors walk through the Port area unless accompanied by a member of the Portís authorised staff.

Safety Requirements for Visitors

All visitors and shipís crew transiting the LNG jetty must comply with the Companyís safety requirements. Safety helmet and glasses will be provided by the Company and must be worn at all times whilst in the jetty area.

Smoking is not allowed anywhere within the premises of Hazira LNG and Port. Smoking on board ship is also restricted to the rooms nominated and agreed between the ship and Loading Master. A maximum of three rooms may be nominated.

Crew Change/Repatriation

Crew changes and/or repatriation of individuals is permitted at Hazira (Surat) Port as well as repatriation on medical or compassionate grounds.

Medical Facilities

Medical facilities (Doctor) are available at the Terminalís clinic where most common medical ailments can be dealt with. In the cases where more extensive medical treatment is required there is a hospital located in Surat.

Whenever possible 24 hours notice should be given to the Port Authority of any requirements to make use of medical facilities.

Ships Stores

Restricted facilities are available at the LNG berth for taking stores however storing is not permitted during LNG discharge operations.


There are no bunkering facilities available at Hazira.

The internal transfer of bunkers on board ship whilst in the Port and alongside the Terminalís jetty is strictly prohibited.

Sources of Ignition

The carrying of equipment (unless Approved Equipment) and/or use of matches, lighters or other possible sources of ignition, which includes battery-operated equipment, e.g. mobile phones and cameras, is prohibited.


Fishing within the LNG Security Zone is prohibited at all times. This includes fishing from the Terminal jetty, foreshore, marine craft or from LNG tankers berthed alongside.

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