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Hazira LNG & PORT sponsors Hazira youth for Professional course

Jan 2012: Hazira LNG and Port Companies is sponsoring local youth of Hazira for an eight-month professional course in Fireman and Sub Fire Officer at the Institute of Fire, Safety and Disaster Management Studies (IFSDMS),Vadodara.

This Education and Capacity Building Initiative is a part of the social performance agenda of the Hazira Group of Companies (HGC). As a part of its capacity building programme, HGC is sponsoring 16 selected students from Hazira area, Kantha Vistaar, for a Fireman & Sub Fire Officer course at IFSDMS,Vadodara.

This course is designed by Industry and has extensive participation of user industries in course implementation, training and post-training recruitment. The course commences from 7th Jan 2012 and the pre-selection of the sponsored candidates was done in collaboration with IFSDMS, Vadodara, through interviews and physical fitness tests.

There are 11 students from the fishing community in the 16 selected. Out of these, 8 are from the Hazira village, 3 from Junagam-Rajagiri village and the remaining 5 students (requiring financial support) are from the Hazira area. These students have either completed 10th or 12th school levels and are being provided with sponsorship support. The sponsorship covers course fees, including form fees, stipends and related course fees.

Training and Capacity Building is a critical component of the Sustainable Development Programme. Hazira LNG and Port Companies have sponsored over 200 local students to premier vocational institutes in the country, including the Foreman Training Institute, Bangalore, Nirma University. the Surat Gems and Jewelry Institute and National Power Training Institute. After successful completion of the course, they all got employment opportunity in various industries including Hazira LNG and Port Companies.

Local students have been sponsored for soft skill development like Basic Computer, accountancy, BPO, Logistics & Shipping with partnership of the Gujarat Knowledge Society.

In addition, there has been a strong emphasis on supporting government initiatives on upgrading primary education. 11 activity centers-cum-libraries have been set up in Hazira peninsula villages, and trainings provided to teachers. HGC’s education and capacity development initiative focuses on up-gradation of the primary schools in the Hazira area, including workshops and training programs for teachers, strengthening of community institutions looking after education like the PTA and MTA as well as setting up of activity centers and libraries in all 8 villages.

The Group Companies provide assistance to 10 Activity cum Library Centres in eight villages

The Group Companies provide assistance to 10 Activity cum Library Centres in eight villages with an aim to improve education standards amongst village school-children. These activity centres allow students to undertake science experiments, study subjects such as English and Mathematics and learn dance, music and art. Focused on “learning by doing” these centres also offer immense support to the teachers helping them improve their capabilities.

In collaboration with the village institution (Panchayat), 32 families engaged in the fishing activities were provided assistance for attaining sustainable means of livelihood. The process included re-skilling/skill enhancement as well as asset build-up and the same was overseen by a committee comprising the sarpanch (head of the village council), representatives of the fisher-families, Hazira LNG & Port companies and the district administration.

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