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Hazira’s Human Factor: Building People And Careers

The Hazira Group of Companies believes that human assets are at the core of the success of the organization and the company must provide its employees a culture that promotes honesty, integrity, mutual respect, transparency and fair practices. The Hazira Group is about building people and careers that last a lifetime.

The focus at Hazira is to create leadership values of vision, focus and a people mindset while ensuring that all employees also inculcate values of accountability through discipline and adherence to on time deliveries. Finally, there is the sense of One Team that works together, supports each other and builds group capability.

Life @ Hazira Group of Companies

Beyond values is the value we put on our employees, demonstrated through best in class employee benefit packages, wide range of employee services, health, retirement and other benefits as well as business and individual performance linked rewards. What our employees take home as compensation is based on their skills, experience and performance and is atpar with market situation.

Beyond monetary compensation, we often enable our employees to work the way they would like to. Therefore, based on what is operationally possible, the Hazira Group does provide opportunities for telecommuting, flexi-time and even attending office in a different country and time zone virtually.

To promote work life balance, the Hazira Group follows the best practices in extending leaves to employees and even sabbaticals if possible. Employees are also encouraged to step outside their work boundaries and work in socially responsible projects.

But above all these, the reason why Hazira Group of Companies is a preferred employer is because of a thorough on-going process for listening to employees through a number of formats ranging from online surveys and discussion forums to interactive webcasts and employee surveys on a global basis.

In case you would be interested in a career with us please submit your Resume at followus@haziralngandport.com

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